November 15, 2007

Forked Tongue

How can Mclaren claim they do not want to have Hamilton be declared world champion in court when at the same time their legal team demands the FIA Court of Appeal disqualify BMW and Williams from the Brazilian GP? Surely rules can be "clarified" in other ways if that is the actual interest....another massive disappointment from Mclaren.
The FIA postponed their ruling to Friday.

UPDATE: the FIA rejected Mclaren's appeal. Apparently the Woking team did not even get the clarification they maintained were after. Add this failure to their annus horribilis.


  1. If Hamilton is declared champion after all of this I am going to have to turn my back on F1.

    Maybe just watch Court TV instead . The courtroom is where F1 wants to decide the outcome of the season anyway, and there is way more passing during the car chase shows!

  2. I would just add this latest PR disaster to the long list Mclaren has gotten horribly wrong this year. It's like they have gone from F1 Stormtroopers to keystone cops!

  3. i think McLaren are getting unfairly blasted by this. BMW and Williams broke the rules. Now i believe (but maybe wrong) that McLaren have proof of drivers disqualified in the past for similar instances. In my opinion, teams like Red Bull and Toyota should be shouting as loud as McLaren because they have been just as equally hard done by. I agree that it would be disasterous for F1 if Hamilton were awarded the drivers championship after this episode, but there is no good reason why the FIA dont slap huge fines on the teams, to set a precedent for next season. Otherwise you practically allow teams to cheat with no reprecussions...

  4. I would really love to see some empiric evidence if the "huge advantage" BMW and Williams might have gotten from misregulating their fuel cooler (which I'm sure is used by every team") by 2 to 5 degrees....

  5. looks like you got your wish, the whole ordeal has been swept under the carpet by the FIA with no action taken

  6. ...Sorrento, you don't think if all that was in Mclaren's agenda was a clarification of the rules, a strategy with the only possible positive outcome being handing over the WDC to Hamilton was perhaps not the most effective?

    I think all Mclaren managed to do is lose more fans in this PR disaster.

    It was interesting to read William's release. The rules apparently refer to fuel in the car... tell me how you measure temperature of the fuel in the car?


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