November 14, 2007

Some video of Schumacher testing.

On the day before Formula 1 might cease to have any fans ( the Mclaren appeal is set for this Thursday in London) this little nostalgia moment will be a tonic, even for the Michael Schumacher haters.

Two reports, appropriately in Italian and in German. Both stress how Schumi eagerly went out at 9:02 am, a fact probably highlighted in the official release. Also surely in the release, that Michael spent two weeks strengthening his neck for the test and that he will not in fact take part in the next set of tests at Jerez ( don't want to make the kids nervous?)

No matter, the old man delivered and the lurid sliding you can glimpse on the video bodes well for 2008... but will anyone still be watching if Hamilton has his lost Championship handed to him in the court room?


  1. I'm always looking for a good excuse to post this, and this seems like a good excuse!

  2. Yes, that video is an alltime classic. I would LOVE to see more vdeos like that comparing different driver's stylesbased on actual data....that would be SO cool.


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