October 21, 2007

Thank you Formula 1!

How awesome was this season?

Thank you Kimi, thank you Ferrari, thank you Felipe. Thank you Ron, Lewis and Fernando.

As much as it will make Peter Windsor feel suicidal, the right man won. Kimi deserved it having won six races vs the four of Hamilton and Alonso, having the most fast laps and by displaying a strict Shut Up and drive ethic. Well done.

Hamilton had a fantastic first year where many things went right for him and a few went wrong. In the end he had a great rookie season and did not win a championship that would have always been followed with an asterisk because of the Mclaren spy scandal. But oh to have seen Bernie's face when Hamilton went wide!

On a lighter note, maybe the UK press can start a scandal following Windsor's lead when he asked Massa about letting Raikkonen by and Felipe swallowed the bait whole.... hey, it's been that kind of year!

And just to prove it's that kind of year, BMW and Williams have apparently been found to have their gasoline 12 degrees colder than ambient temperature in violation of the regulations. Now the FIA could hand Lewis Hamilton the championship. Let's see if they are consistent and, like they did when Mclaren got busted for having the Ferrari owners manual, penalize the team but let the drivers keep their points.


No penalty given. results stand!


Mclaren decides to appeal the stewards decision not to penalize Williams and BMW...


  1. Apparently penalties for violation of fuel regulations have given in the past to the constructor in points or other punishment not affecting the drivers... so the question is, does MM love hammy as much as Bernie does?

  2. What I find amusing are all these call for "the rules" to be applied "as written" in the face of the earlier McLaren scandal where the drivers were not penalized in any way... Or Hamilton getting lifted out of a gravel trap and plopped back onto the track for that matter.

  3. If they penalize Kubica, Heidfeld, and Rosberg and make Hamilton champion, I'm done. No more F1 for me. For fake racing, I'm better off with Cole Trickle.

  4. Isn't the air fresher and the grass greener today?
    Doesn't it feel great NOT to have a PR puppy as our F1 world champ?
    Isn't it great to have a real racing driver as the F1 champ on board a Ferrari?

    Yesterday's were the best. 90 minutes of Sport on TV satisfaction in quite a long time!

    Anyone but Lewis was my moto..... (I wonder if he ended up going to visit Senna's grave.......L for Lewis and LOOOOSER!)


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