October 20, 2007

Kimi and Hamilton.

Someone is either very silly on the Ferrari pit wall and/or someone is very, very clever at Mclaren's.
Twice during today's qualifying Hamilton came out of the pits right in front of Raikkonen while the Finn was on a fast lap. Not surprising, the Ferrari was delayed each time. Considering how easily the FIA has dispensed penalties for "impeding" in the past, todays's situation makes you wonder.
For sure it's a continuation of the mind games the two were playing during practice, where Hamilton brake checked Kimi at least once. Hamilton/McLaren clearly see Kimi as more of a threat than Alonso, who I'm sure will be testing some new superlight experimental engine components tomorrow.

Massa, once again was brilliant on his home track and tomorrow we will have the two red cars on the clean side and the two silver ones on the dirty side. The first Senna S will be amazing as the likelihood of Alonso going for it on the inside and the consequent mayham is deliciously high!

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