October 22, 2007

Mclaren blame the internet!

Using an excuse which has become popular with unpopular politicians the world over, Ron Dennis blamed the internet for the teams troubles, especially the relationship between Alonso and Hamilton.
"I've said it before and I'll say it again, the internet ruined our lives. It's a source of unconfirmed rumors without any control. I'm not criticizing all media but it's difficult to deal with this situation, you spend all your time denying news and correcting errors in reporting. All of this creates pressures on the team."

Then again this post could possibly just be another internet rumor.

Now, this got me thinking on how you do real Formula 1 journalism: you take data like, oh let's just say.... Kimi Raikkonen winning two races more than any other driver, had the most fast race laps and made up a 17 point deficit in two races, you process it and come up with something like Peter Windsor does on the BBC's Chequered Flag. That's how a pro does it...make mental note for future!


  1. Sweet Jesus, someone needs to hit Windsor over the head, put him in a burlap sack and leave him on a deserted road 20 miles outside of town.

    That's what passes for journalism?

    I feel ashamed to have a degree in it after listening to that.

  2. Indeed. I don't know where you guys are from but here in US, on speedtv, Windsor was accidently refered to as "Peter Hamilton" by one of the race commentators (David Hobbs - ex F1) and it was a complete accident.

    Peter fell in love this season...and he fell HARD.

  3. Well, look...he's fully entitled to his opinion and to express it. The same way, you are entitled to re-calibrate your opinion of him. I always read Windsor with interest, but I will take a much more skeptical eye. Maybe F1 Magazine's Matt Bishop's getting the PR job at Mclaren drove him over the edge.

  4. Well, that's when Nationality comes into play...
    Britain being the HQ of global auto racing desperately wants a British WDC....
    That blinds him, and it is unfortunate because he used to be someone whose opinion was respected.... not any more.
    I jsut see it getting worst next when all the Ron-Ham-suckers will want revenge.
    Also, the fan based will be highly polarized as we will be part of VERY LARGE Ham-haters fan base that was artificially created by all this blind Ham-love!

  5. That's really one of the stupidest comments I've ever heard.

  6. Wow that is beyond unreal...he is clearly lost everything..including reality


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