October 23, 2007

Maranello Brazileiro on Ice!

I suppose a fitting way to wrap up the season is to watch the final laps of the Brazilian GP in the language of the winners of the 2007 championships, Ferrari and Kimi Raikkonen.

The fist clip is from SkySports Italia: love the "...grazie Lewis Hamilton" part.

Next, Finnish television. This is great with the announce reading through all the past Ferrari world Champions from Ascari to Schumacher, emotion rising as Kimi gets closer and closer to the checkered flag. Interesting too is in the middle of the clip there is an appearance ( around 5:35sec) by a very ...party primed David Robertson, who with his son Steve manages Kimi Raikkonen. By some accounts Robertson is one of the cleverest people in F1, ask Ron Dennis...

His quote is priceless and confirms what we have been saying about Kimi all along: "...this boy deserves this more than anyone out there...he is the one who kept his mouth shut , didn't protest, just got on with the job and socked it to them all!"

Contrast with Mr.Windsor's opinion in the post below this one....


  1. Fascinating article. Thanks for the link. I work in hollywood and all this machiavellian behind the scenes is very familiar sounding. Whether you are making movies or driving in circles, it's all about power and ego.

  2. however, the re-signing of Felipe Massa for 3 years casts some serious doubts on the veracity of that article.

  3. I found this among the links on that site - http://www.f1i.com/index.php?option=com_wrapper&url=http://www.grandprix.com/mole/mole19776.html

    Could be total fiction, but it's plausible. I find it hard to believe that there could be such huge communication gaps at ferrari, but anything is possible in large organizations.

  4. The Mole is Peter Windsor....

    So let's review what he's saying:

    Ferrari signed Massa only as a payoff to Nicholas Todt...

    Flavio Briatore makes a sweet deal with Jean Todt by partnering in a "race track" purchase so that his driver can to Ferrari rather than Renault.

    Ferrari became the A1 GP engine supplier as a threat to F1.

    That last one is really the funniest one.

    As far as "Grand Sambuc", I know the property well and in fact, years ago I went to visit with an eye towards a race resort development, I'm glad if Briatore and Todt will invest the large capital needed to do it right, it's a fabulous property.

    In F1, anything can happen, but the only true reason for Ferrari to want Alonso now is so nobody else can have him. Rumor was much more likely if Kimi had not won.


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