September 5, 2007

Tuesday night in Oyster Bay, NY

Was quite a scene!. During the summer every tuesday night the main street of Oyster Bay closes down and all the car dudes, most of a 50's 60's generation break out the Detroit iron for "Cruise Night". You do see a nice european car here and there, some Ferraris, old Jags, Healeys but I loved that pristine 1969 BMW 2002, impossibly clean for a car that had obviously been set up for at least occasional track use. I loved the twin carb setup. not 750hp like some of the other monsters right next to it but very nice.


  1. Nice shots. While I favor un-Bangled BMWs as a motoring aesthetic, your photography of American muscle is nicely captured. The split back vette looks quite nice. Anger management problems not withstanding, Tuesdays in Oyster Bay looks fun. Thank you for sharing. Well done.

  2. Yeah, they will have it on for a few more weeks until the first tuesday in October. It's amusing and it's free!


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