September 4, 2007


The Goodwood Revival is one of the great motoring events on the planet. Maybe the Festival of Speed is more popular, what with all the manufacturers involvement and celebrities but the Revival is real racing. Yes, real racing in often priceless machines driven with full commitment and leaving little or nothing in reserve. Take a look at the rear outside tire of that GT40 if you don't think the cars are driven hard, it's fabulous to see them driven like they were meant to.

I made a slide show from pictures taken just this past week end by Steve Flynn, you can find his higher resolution photos HERE. For historians, in the Lotus Cortina is the unmistakable Sterling Moss, also in the Aston with Roy Salvatori.

If you have not heard of the Revival, make sure you take a look at this video on Lord March's web site. We hope to see this event on US TV again.

Goodwood Revival 2007 by Steve Flynn

Clips will show up in youTube of is one with good sound...and check out those minis!!

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