September 5, 2007

So the X6 is here...

what do you guys think after this strong helping of cool aid? If I understand this correctly this is an "M"-ish vehicle for people who like Audis and like to drive a 5 ton vehicle high off the road but don't need the extra space? Oh joy, the world needs more lardass sports cars activity vehicles.

By the way it looks like BMW has taken a page from MB's and is working on a web tv site


  1. I see Bangle gave up on his 80's german fashion look in favour of the high waisted pant, and Vans look?


  2. Haven't commented before, but this is an awesome website.

    Re: X6 - I'll wait until I see it to pass judgement (and certainly will never buy one) but I've got enough faith in bmw that it'll be well thought out (forget that whole x3 thing...)

    I think what we'd all like to see is a batshit insane off-road capable car like the 'bowler wildcat' on topgear that will kick some ass in the paris-dakar and the like.

    Devil's advocate: the infiniti fx is one of the most retarded cars on the road. I cringe every time one farts on by.

  3. Hey Dan, thanks for piping in. Actually I think the FX had quite an effect in the "BMW prison" where Mr. Bangle resides and the X6 is in some way a response to that newly invented market segment: the useless utility vehicle or the lardass sports car for people afraid not to see over the next car....
    Have you seen pictures of the interior of the x6?

  4. AC you take all that back or I'm sending the Bitter Police to your house!!!!!!

  5. the X6 concept has just released! I must say I do like it!!


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