August 30, 2007

Testing, Testing...

When tabloids begin to report behind the scene team strategy, something is wrong.
The rumor has been around for a while that after Hamilton started handing Alonso his butt, the world champion stopped sharing his setup data. This of course does not jibe with the Dennisland "World of Optimized Synergies™" but it does make perfect sense for a racer.

Hamilton is a big boy and the Daily Mirror's assertion that his tire blew out because Alonso withheld data is of course, ludicrous but it goes to show you the depth of Lewismania in the UK.
Below is a clip from day 2 testing at Monza and two interesting trivia bits: Raikkonen apparently has asked for and had installed a new pedal board. It would be interesting to know more details and the reason behind the change.

The other is the Mclaren going to a similar mid-body wing flap thingy to Ferrari as opposed to a wider shorter flap they had in Turkey. Also please notice the mystery aero device right outside Alonso's garage.

The clip also reports that Alonso broke the team imposed silence ("...Happier here than in many other places" and that Kimi is winning over Italian tifosi by smiling and working hard (Massa must be livid).

From the tech standpoint, Ferrari worked mostly on brakes with the new pedal setup and different disks and on car behavior over curbs essential for Monza's two chicanes and the Ascari corner.

Testing, testing from and Vimeo.

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