August 30, 2007

Mosport and the Glen

It took a while but I finally straightened out the issues with the embed code in the Brightcove player so without further ado I wanted to thank Jeff Gabel and "shiners780" from Rochester, NY for uploading videos on the new AxisTT* TV.

Jeff uploaded a video from Mosport, a track we had never seen. I thought the Glen was intimidating with it's baby blue ARMCO all the way around...looks to me like Mosport's white cement walls might hurt even more!

Jeff captions:
Second time tracking the M3, this time with the GVC BMW CCA at Mosport. B run group.

The other ride is on board a 944 turbo at Watkins Glen. I always loved 944s, one of my favorite car shapes...and I've never even riden in many cars, so little time.

Jeff and "shiners" should cantact me via e-mail and as our first featured reader videos will receive Axis stickers in the mail.

You can upload your video to Axis TT TV HERE
* Axis Track Tard

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