August 29, 2007

Tracktard car test

Five cars you could move to the UK and legally commute in depending on your tolerance for looking like a dork, driving with a helmet on the street.

Autocar comes to a foregone conclusion in this test of vehicles which loosely fall under the category of "cars". Looks like two brilliant, one great, one "eh" and one joke....


  1. magor (pronounced May-Gore) services is nowhere near Cardiff, a good 15-20 minutes away. Typical English arrogance!

    That Elfin is an awful looking car though!!!

  2. Excellent, Axis readers trump Autocar!!!

    is this the place?,-2.83121&spn=0.3,0.3&q=51.57981,-2.83121+(Magor,_Monmouthshire)

  3. No-one who's ever watched an episode of Top Gear should look at that clip. I could pull a better segment out of my tailpipe.


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