August 7, 2007

Silly Season Bombs...

The rumor is, according to the Times, Fernando Alonso has been told he is free to find another team for next season if he wishes....

then again:

The Daily Mirror theorizes a $34.5M bid by Ferrari for Lewis Hamilton for 2007!

Dennis fires Alonso no wait, Dennis fires Hamilton no wait, Dennis cans both, hires Scott Speed.... This is too juicy, I'm suspecting Bernie is pumping this up to keep journalist busy over the 3 week break!.


  1. I think you'll agree my theory is best.

    Dennis fires Alonso and Hamilton.

    Dennis hires Jacques Villeneuve for $34.5mm as #1.

    Dennis hires Scott Speed for $2.4mm as #2.

    Dennis hires Jenson Button as test driver/backup for $10mm.


    Speed can only be the undisputed #1 :OP


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