August 6, 2007

Bad Vibes

Tele5 Spain asked Fernando Alonso why it was that on Saturday in Hungary it looked like a funeral at Mclaren even with both cars on the front row...

Fernando's answer, boiled down for the non Spanish speakers: "...because I was the one on pole."



  1. He's funny when he's angry.
    I know he's the double-reigning World Champion and we ALL loved him (here in the UK at least) when he beat Schumacher.

    But McLaren have always prided themselves on team first and no favouritism of drivers, (like Ferrari always used to - until Schumacher arrived!) so what did he expect?
    I think he's just upset that his young rookie teammate is so much better than anyone had any right to think he would be.
    If he was an already established star, he'd be OK.

    I think he's just a little upset at not being the 'unnofficial' McLaren number one.

  2. Funny you should say that, because the Schumi_Ferrari team is the one entity (that I know of) that proved beyond a doubt that the #1-#2 system can work perfectly.

    You can be a Schumi hater all you want, but thus far nobody has proven to be a better stategist, tactician, driver, and racer all wrapped into one. His maturity in the later years was something the current drivers (and team bosses) could only have fantasies about.

  3. Why did this end up being a Schumi post?
    Just because he is now making appereances in al magazines as this friendly relaxed superstar? Is Schumi cool now?....... NOT!!!

    Back to the point. I think in this one Alonso got outsmarted by Hamilton. The latter disobeyed team orders and made the whole ordeal appear as Alonso's fault! Schumi would be proud if Hamilton was his protege.

    I hate Hamilton's PR correctness to the extreme. Can we please get the real racing drivers back on the fastest cars on the grid?

    Go KIMI!

  4. they should institute a strict STFU and drive policy...

    I agree out of all of them the one with his feet firmly on the loud pedal rather than muck was ol Kimi "James Hunt" Raikkonen.... Ferrari made the right choice there.

    Fernando is screwed because if he leave Mclaren he has no good options. Ferrari don't want him so what is he going to do, go to Toyota or BMW?

  5. Fernando belongs at McLaren, IMO.

    CG, Schumi was cool even when JPM was in diapers (which was no more than 3 years ago ;-) )

  6. did Montoya get into this now?.....


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