August 8, 2007

hhhhallelujah wot a yump!

I'm going to go on a little WRC bender here....anyone mind? As I've said before, that Rally is not shown at all in the US is a scandal...

OK, this one is all about the commentary ... OK the jump was pretty impressive as well.

Rally Finland will scare even rally drivers...I think that's saying something.
Commentary is Dutch ( I think...correct me if I'm wrong) but the driver interviews are in English. Here is Mikko Hirvonen on the Ouninpohja stage:

Ever notice the there is a certain look to some rally drivers....kind of a bug eyed quasi psychotic thing going with the eyes... Gilles Panizzi, Hirvonen, and take a look at Petter Solberg...

Could it be that look comes from driving stages the Finns quaintly line with organic, recyclable guard rails? Here is Jan Kopecky in a Skoda.

Mikko Hirvonen...

Sebastian Loeb is philosophical...

Manfred Stohl is on a roll...

and finally some hi-lites...


  1. Even though I watched the daily roundup on Eurosport every day (sorry to rub it in) I really enjoyed your collection of clips.

    Nice work!!

    Miko Hirvonen, the outstanding performance of the weekend for me.
    And the way he clearly seemed to just LOVE IT!

  2. If you think Pannizi and Hirvonnen look psychotic, take a look at Gronholm when he's driving. You could let a bomb off beside him and he wouldn't notice...

  3. As correctly pointed out on the correct name is "1000 lakes rally".

    Speaking of psycho...I still have to find that clip of Gigi Galli beating up his navigator.

  4. ac - that was a great moment when Galli did that!


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