July 8, 2007

24 hours of LeMons

UPDATE: and the Lemon Lappers have it! way to go Josh!

Our friend Josh Sirota is taking time out from Go Dog Go Racing to run in the mythical 24 Hours of LeMons this week end.
You can follow his exploits in the Lemon Lapper live via Autoblog HERE

"...After considerable discussion, we've determined that the race leader, #93 Neon, is a ringer. Seeing the yellow streak barrel down the banked runs, it's obvious that its owners have either done some serious work to the engine or, at the very least, its got a wickedly hot cam coming on while climbing the tach. Further investigation is needed, so we'll try to get more information tonight..."


  1. Thanks man! It was really fun!

    The engine really was a totally stock Neon motor. But the car was very light, we had great tires (Kumho MX, thanks, Kumho!), great brakes (Hawk HT10, thanks OffLineRacing.com!), and fantastic teamwork. I can't wait to see all of the magazine reports!

  2. Nobody protested the obvious aerodynamic advantage from the air extractor so cleverly disguised as that straw coming out of the roof and the leaves on the trunk??


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