June 27, 2007

Nice save...

Continuing with our "Week of Awesomeness" reporting, about as good a save as I have ever seen: CG showing the Exige S who's boss right after cresting the uphill at Lime Rock.



  1. Wheels were straight! I promise.. well almost....

    The biggest problem was the car still had a good drift angle going into the crest, made worst by the fact that I went beyond the camber crest (linear longitudinal crest) of the road at the (vertical) crest.
    That made the rear jump sideways quite a bit.

    i always predial small lock prior to taking flight, but here it just went to far to the left.
    Better save the video. I'm not planing on doing that twice!!

  2. Bit of a "Code Brown" moment?

  3. Well. being my 5th track day in 9 days!!, i was ready for antyhting and actually didn't realize the severity of what happened until later on in the paddock.

    Now that I look at the video, it gives me chills...

  4. Good thing you didn't end up like this classic video. EEK!


  5. How fast where you going when you crested?

    Looks scarily fast but you were in sync with it; no over corrections.


  6. In the Exige S should be around 90mph+ in 4th gear.


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