June 19, 2007

Extreme Eau Rouge Fetish: are you flat?

Jebbe StraightOn at JustGoFaster is setting the bar high with this mega video from their track day at Spa last month. They might be envious of our cheap gas but I'm sure jealous of the beautiful tracks they get to play on...Eau Rouge...hmmmm, tasty.

Please note the quick M5 wagon...and the slooooow Skylines accompanied by some choice comments.

OK, StraighOn....if that is your real name, the gauntlet is thrown. We are at Watkins Glen today and tomorrow, Summit Point Saturday and Sunday, we'll see what we can come up with.

(StraightOn from JGF with the gray M3CSL above says the M5 Wagon was driven by Nigel Mansell and his sons....how cool is that?)



  1. Hey AC - for info the M5 was driven my Nigel Mansell and his sons.

  2. No kidding! You guys have some pictures of the great moustache?

  3. Unfortunately the moustache is extinct.

    ps, StraightOn is the guy who deserves the credit for the video production.


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