June 20, 2007

I love the number 12

Tired after a long day of open track Stee and I have a new favorite number: 12 as in 2:12. Just to think that last year we were ecstatic to have finally turned at 2:16.
Stee had a best lap at 2:12.7, 2/10 from my time of 2:12.5....amazing. CG deflowered the Exige S at 2:14.6....he wants more power and stickier tires!
Great video coming soon.


  1. Nice work, guys! Looking forward to seeing you at Summit Point this weekend.

  2. That's a great time!

    For reference, the T2 class record there is 2:12.541, set by Will Turner last year in an E46 M3.

    So you're doing fine!

  3. Took me a while to associate the 46 on AC's coupe with Rossi's. Looks really nice! Must be the source of the new found speed then ;)



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