January 30, 2007

Do F1 cars come with foglights? Ferrari F2007 testing video.

First videos of the Ferrari F2007 testing at Fiorano with Felipe Massa. I guess hiding in the fog of Romagna is good way to keep those new aero details vague to the competition.

Hey...and who's that gentleman hanging out in the garage? He looks kind of familiar!
I know for sure that Schumacher has a good relationship with Massa but I wonder how the dynamic will be with Kimi Raikkonen, they seem so different. Then again, what do we really know about Kimi other than his blazing speed and his occasional "drinking-till-you-pass-out" nights out?

Mario Illien took a shot at him earlier in the year calling him an "engine buster".....frankly I have to call BS on that, sounds like a scapegoat hunt by the Mercedes exploding engine specialist.

"It's odd having him (Schumacher) at the tests, I think - really odd," Webber told ITV. "It's like having your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend there. Kimi must go 'what the f***?'' "It must feel so strange to have the teacher's pet standing above you while you are trying to get on with your own new programme." "Suffocation or what?".
With his recent quote describing Schumi's as an ex that won't go away Mark Webber proved himself truly worthy of a RedBull drive.
Tell me he would not kill to be suffucated in that way? Tell me an intelligent driver could not learn a thing or two hanging with a 7 time world champion?

Lets see how Kimi deals...

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