October 27, 2006

Luck I'd say!

to paraphrase Winston Churchill, nothing is more exhilarating than spinning and not hitting anything.. but I'm sure the underwear had to go.

In the Nürburgring video below the Celica driver loses it in the Pzflantzgarten section. This is right after a very steep downhill section which you don't really get the sense of in the video.
After first thinking he just lifted and the read slipped out, Stee and I were theorizing that he may actually have had a puncture of the left rear. Listen for the very odd sound right as he starts to turn into the corner where he loses it....

Maybe readers can post their theory in the comments...

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  1. Ouch... better lucky than good.
    Apparetnly he misshifted into a higher gear (than needed - should have stayed in 4th) and had no torque to pull him out of the turn-in oversteer set he induced by the slight lift-off (being a FWD or AWD a best car).

    Low or no torque in the middle of a corner is very scary if anything happens, it is basically like cornerng in neutral!

  2. I still think something with the rear, if not puncture maybe rubbing or coil bind? that noise is just too odd


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