August 22, 2006

The Axis awards its first "Assie" award.

The Axis Of Oversteer infamous "Assie" award was bestowed on a fellow track Day partecipant this past week end at Pocono Raceway. The honor of being chosen as the recipient of the "Axis of Oversteer Assclown Award™" for the first time goes to the mustachioed driver of this aero-modifed Caterham thing.
When queried after the session as to why he did not just move over, the mustachioed one came out with this gem "If this had been a race I would never had let you by" thereby proving himself to be an A#1 USDA prime AssClown. He followed that up with a lame "I never saw you guys" further confirming his adherence of the Wanker credo.

Of course we could have told him that it was NOT a race, or perhaps that if it HAD been a race he might have been nurfed into the sand, or even that once he was out of the way both Stee and myself lapped a full 2 seconds quicker....
Instead we decided, unanimously, to bestow upon him this honor and memento so that he may treasure it forever.
Mr Aero-Caterham, you may one day come to your senses and stop driving like a clueless fool but you will always be the first Axis TrackDay Assclown™, Congratulations.

Click on the window below and watch for the words of wisdom at the end of the clip.

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  1. Nice! I love this award! ...hope I don't win one myself someday...

  2. Beware...anyone is eligible to win an "Assie".....hell we might even bestow honorary ones!
    Now, what would the hall of fame be named? ...hmmm

  3. I nominate J. Villeneuve for the first honorary Assie.

  4. Looks like you guys are really having a great time with open passing and the like. So when are you going to start club racing?

  5. Josh, is GoDogGoRacing offering rent-a-race seats now? :)

  6. We could arrange that! Want to come out to CA? I'm sure I can find you a ride if you don't want to drive one of our cars. Might have a Coupe next season too.

    On the other hand, just get yourself to an SCCA race school (it's easy), then go rent a race car (I'll put you in touch with some good guys in the NE), and I'll personally guarantee you'll have more fun than you're having now, or your money back*!

    *every bit that you pay to me, of course :-)

  7. It's an old Mallock Sports Racer btw, not a Caterham. Nice video, though!

  8. I guess hanging back, and setting up the pass never occurred to you.
    Oh yeah I forgot, you guys don't really race you just like to drive fast and need someone to stick there arm out the window to tell you when to pass.

  9. anonymous sounds like a Bimmerforums know it all nerd... LOL :o)

  10. Yeah, sometimes it's just not worth getting up at 4AM, hitching up the trailer, driving to the track, prepping the car, suiting up, buying $10/gallon track gas, and promenading around the track. Mr. Ass, my hat is off to you and your dirvng skilz. May you be stuck behind a Subaru 360 on your next outing.


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