August 22, 2006

How about some lurid oversteer?

We got tons of great video from last Saturday's PDA/NASA day at Pocono. We ran the "Double infield" course for the first time and it was a blast. Super high speed into real freaky turns you need to slow down 50/60 mph for, NICE. Add in bumps and one real good chance to get some air while attempting to turn and it makes for an exciting lap.
More on all that later including our first ever "Track day Clown" nomination. But for now enjoy this clip of me engaging in some lurid, lurid sliding. Now that the car has it's rear sway bar properly welded on it is soooo much more lively and much more fun to drive and I definitively did my part for the A.o.O honors.
On a tech note, I have to say that the work I did on the brakes really paid off, I had no issues what so ever with them other than maybe over braking at times because I was not used to the effectiveness.

click on the window below and smell the Pirellis!

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  1. Great slides! I don't remember your Coupe ever being that "neutral" before...

  2. Like I said, actually having a connected rear sway sure helps turn in!


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