January 22, 2006

Let's lap Sebring..from two prospectives!

This one is not from my BMW M Coupe, it's a side by side I put together of a lap driven by two "on line friends" from the great Roadfly M Coupe message board.
The car on the left is the car you see on the right from behind.
Sebring is a great historic track I would love to drive on some day. Here, in the car behind, Jamal G. shows you what a great track car a properly set up BMW M Coupe can be.
At some point I'm going to do a detailed post about how I changed my M Coupe but for today enjoy the sights and sounds from these two Florida MCoupe drivers

(note to iPod video subscribers: since this is a 640x240 video, I am not certain it will play correctly...my apologies in advance)

Twin lap of Sebring

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  1. That was fantastic... nice editing work! Were those S52 Coupes? Looked like black gauges but hard to tell.


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