January 28, 2006

This car is just like a giant toy set!

That's right, the body all just bolts together with tiny little 8mm screws! Kind of funny, I expected a body panel removal to be way more complicated and involved but BadbadM and I were able to remove the damaged rocker panel in a very short time.

Here's what happened: when all of us were in Washington for the North East SCCA Divisional last year, I had a jack fail while a jackstand was not clear of the car. It crunched up the panel pretty good, I felt like a bit of a tool, but I did not get too upset...shit happens, what are you gonna do?
So the plan was to procure a body panel and have it painted off the car minimizing expenses. After much procastination, a little research on the internet and encouragement from the ever optimistic BadbadM today was the day for action!.

As I said at the beginning, it was a much simpler matter than I imagined. The biggest difficulty was wrestling with the plastic wheel liners in order to get access to some of the bolts. But the liners were no match for the atomic powered heat gun BadbadM had procured!.

the rocker panel on the BMW M Coupe is held in place by screws on the bottom, on the top under the entry sill, one screw accessed by opening the door and two each attached to the front and rear quarter panels. The front quarter panel needs to be fully removed to access one of the screws. This is very easily done.

So now until I get the panel replaced the car will look like an old body on frame model T... Like the lightening holes in the unibody though!

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