January 16, 2006

Dude, where's my car?....in the guard rail!

I've seen this happen a number of times the same way. The scenario goes like this: Dude in a (usually) high=powered car just cannot stand the idea of getting passed by an "inferior" car drives beyond his level of talent and stuffs it. The really dumb thing is, of course, that this is not during a race, but just friendly lapping days!
As illustrated above by Axis friend Jay in his old 4 door BMW M3 at Lime Rock, the man in the red Mustang is our "Dude", the red e30 M3 the man who is getting held up.
Mustang dude should have given the point by on the main straight but obviously thinks he can keep the e30 behind by taking a really stupid line into "Big Bend". This slows him down even more for the next series of corners where he is barely in control, way off line and after which he finally lets Mr.E30 by.
At that point Jay is right up behind the red M3 and should be given a point by as well....But not from Mr.Mustang who uses his faster straight line speed to almost force Jay off the road.

What happens next is pure automotive karma (or car-ma).

I have to say, I have seen a similar thing where the "victim" was the car behind. At a recent event I saw a fast driver in, of all things, a VW Turbo Beetle being really hung up by a guy in a BMW race prepped car who just would not let him go by. Beetle guy got all flustered and when he was finally let by he put a rear wheel on the grass at WestBend and stuffed into the overpass...Ouch.

Moral of the story....Keep your cool.

Dude, where's my car?


  1. Man o man. Hope that driver got a talking to. Kudos to the M3/4. 'stang driver has a lot to learn. Extending the braking zone all the way to the apex of the pre-uphill turn. No wonder he lost it - Totally overdrove into a turn where there is not a lot of room for error.

    Hope he learned some restraint and manners.


  2. Exactly! He braked so late it looked like it almost pulled the RR wheel off the ground!


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