January 11, 2006

8 one thousands of one second.....

CG and I have been co-driving at autocross events for the past couple of years. We are incredibly well matched: in almost all events our times are within the same half second, often within the same 1/10th of a second.

Here is a video, side by side, of our final runs in the SCCA-Tire Rack National Tour in Washington DC from 2003. We were driving CG's e46 M3 as an A Stock car.

AC is on the left and CG on the right with gloves. Our delta at the end of the run was 8/1000 of a second but you'll notice our driving styles could not be more different....

(Because of the aspect ratio, I doubt this video will play properly if you download it to your video iPod, I apologize for that in advance.)

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