January 3, 2016

This video explaining the 2016 Formula 1 tire regulations will make your head spin.

Why do Formula One teams need to employ armies of strategists and simulation engineers?  A few minutes into this clip and you might be asking yourself why it is that the brightest minds in motorsport have to chase after this kind of problem in the first place.

As you watch,  keep in mind teams will have picked compounds for the Australian GP in the middle of December, 2 months before the 2016 cars will have even rolled on their first test session.

In theory this will allow a greater "spread" in tire compounds to make more teams happy.  Over the past few seasons, Ferrari and Force India were hoping to softer tires while Red Bull and Mercedes like the harder compounds.Pirelli has tended to play it safe favoring the latter.

What this will mean in practice, remains to be seen.   For sure Steve Matchett will have his hand full explaining it to American audiences.

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