January 1, 2016

It's Dakar time!

Jordi Villadom (RedBull Photo)

The 2016 Dakar starts tomorrow January 2 with the ceremonial start from Buenos Aires.

Real racing starts on the third with the first 400 mile leg to Villa Carlos Paz.  Villa Paz is also where the rally will conclude, on January 16th, after more than 5500 miles of desert and rock trails though Argentina and Bolivia.

This year, organizers of the Dakar are trying to change the focus of the race from one of outright speed to one emphasizing clever navigation, regularity and mechanical endurance. Stage winners will have to lead the next day's stage meaning they will no longer be able to follow another competitors tracks but will have to find their own way through.

There is one massive almost 1000km / 620 mile marathon stage where competitors will not be allowed to have the help of support vehicles or mechanics. The idea is to make the Dakar more like it was in the early, adventure days.

The best way to follow the rally will be via the official Dakar site but, in the mean time, we selected some of the best pre- race videos to get you in the mood.

Happy new year!

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