November 1, 2015

You be the steward: Kimi vs Valterri Pt II, The Finnish revenge.

For the second time in three races  it was a clash of Finns ad Ferrari's Kimi Raikkonen and Williams' Valterri Bottas argued over ownership of  a tight right hand turn.

In Sochi last month is was Bottas on the outside with Raikkonen going for a low percentage lunge on the final lap.    Today, in Mexico City, positions were reversed.

Perkele ensued.

Bottas blamed Raikkonen saying the Ferrari driver knew he was on the inside and should have given him room.     After the Sochi clash, Bottas said he did not know Raikkonen was there and Raikkonen should have given him room....

Raikkonen said it's just racing and it did not matter.

Officials called it a racing incident which seems about right.

The two incidents were very similar but, once again the FIA's lack of consistency confuses:  Raikkonen, whose car was damaged and had to retire in Russia was hit with a grid penalty and license points.  Bottas who was able to continue and eventually finished on the podium was not sanctioned.

F1 deserves consistency.

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