October 12, 2015

You be the Steward: Russian GP edition.

Can we say right off the bat, Kimi deserved a medal?

Yes, if you go by the letter of the regulations then perhaps you can declare Raikkonen "at fault" but for the love of...   when was the last time you saw an F1 driver go for a podium position on the last lap of a Grand Prix?

And you go penalize him?    Perkele!.

To the specifics:   If you are going to believe Bottas' declarations he did not know Raikkonen was there and did not expect him to go for it then then that means Valterri has no business receiving all the hype.    It may well be the case, clearly Bottas turns into the apex leaving the already committed Raikkonen no room.  

But it was the last lap and it was after a turn practically designed to produce precisely the type of pass Kimi attempted.   Bottas had no idea?   Please.   Then he's clueless.

In any case, with all the bitching and moaning about F1 Kimi did precisely what fans want today,  bummer for Bottas but that's what Formula One needs more of:  less calculation, more heart.

As for the rest of the race.  well,  Nico Rosberg will have a long talk with Mark Webber I suppose.

Funny how bad luck always happen to just one driver on a team.

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