November 9, 2015

What Marquez did was despicable but Rossi has himself to blame.

"In another race they would have tried to overtake but not in this one, We are Spaniards and it was right that the title remain in Spain".

That sentence from Jorge Lorenzo after the race in Valencia is really all you need to know.

A shameful day for MotoGP.  A sad day for a segment of Spanish sport and yet another opportunity to keep his trap shut missed by Jorge Lorenzo.
The now three time champion (who announced his happiness  at  having joined the ranks of 3 timers like Ayrton Senna.....?) claimed the only reason Rossi was ever leading was because of his own bad luck.   Presumably like when he blamed his fogging helmet for his poor riding in the rain at Silverstone.


Few liked this man before, despite his enormous talent.  Even less will like him in the future, not after he tried to get his teammate banned after Malaysia... except maybe for Max Biaggi.

Marquez.   If this is the future of the sport then perhaps it's time to tune out.

He once again rode to protect Lorenzo's rear.  Check out the time sheets sometimes, look how his lap time dropped after Pedrosa tried to attack.    In that brief moment Marquez, who had been content to sit staring at Lorenzo rear for 28 laps, suddenly looked like the rider who gave Rossi  no quarter in Malaysia.

But in the final analysis, it is Rossi who needs to look at himself in the mirror.    Marquez has acted in pathetic, petty, bitchy way but Valentino is pushing 40, he should have know better than to stir the pot and fall into Marquez' trap.

That most other riders offered Rossi little resistance as he sliced though the field today speaks volumes on how many were calling bullshit of Marquez's behavior in Phillip Island and Malaysia.   Everyone was obviously onto the Spaniard.  
Rossi may come out of this season as the "People's Champion" but how he thought it a good idea to continue to pound on it leading into the final race where he knew his only chance was a an honest race by Marquez, more of a mystery.

A self fulfilling prophecy.

MotoGP is the big loser despite the enormous interest in today's race.   There will forever be an asterisk next to Lorenzo's third title, mud on Marquez,  regret for Rossi and a question for all fans:

How amazing would the season finale had been as a straight fight?

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