August 22, 2015

Spa chewed up and spit out a few people on Saturday.

De Jong was a lucky boy to escape without major injuries

On Saturday, Spa did its best to disprove those who think Motorsport has become too safe.

Fortunately for those involved,  fate and modern safety standards won out and none of the drivers involved suffered serious injuries in what, not that many years ago, would have been fatal crashes.

You could successfully argue that in more dangerous times nobody would have been crazy enough to try an outside pass into Blanchimont as Daniel De Jong did.  Given the choice however, I'll take the modern safety standards and the crazy drivers any day.

GP3  saw Jann Mardenborough spit out by Raidillon after losing it on the climb up from Eau Rouge.

It's the second huge crash for the Playstation GT Academy graduate this year,  the other being the tragic flip at the Nürburgring in the Nissan GTR.

Porsche Supercup was not immune.  Here, Michael Ammermueller inexplicably understeered off the track, again at Blanchimont, destroying his 991 GT3 Cup.

It wasn't just the drivers, circuit organizers had the bright idea to put ridged curbs on the outside of Raidillon.  The intent was to punish those who exceeded track limits but I'm pretty sure they miscalculated...

Sanity prevailed and those rumble strips have been removed.

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