June 18, 2015

That "I Drive Flat Out" Guy Really Exists And He Drives a Corvette Z06!

You all remember the seminal "I Drive Flat Out" parody clip from 2010 right?   It was a spot on caricature of "That Guy" so many of us have run into over years on track.

Well, I'm happy to report that in 2015  "That Guy" is alive and well and drives a Corvette Z06!

Years ago, the Axis of Oversteer used to award the ASSIE award to drivers who displayed epic asshat behavior on track.   We might just resurrect it for this "That Guy".

It's one thing to drive like a pussy on the banked turns because you suck so bad, it's a whole other thing to yell   "Eat my fuckin' dick, you little bitch" (about 6 minutes in) after passing a driver that is clearly letting you by, because you're ..."That Guy".

Hilariously, Mr. Flat Out gets passed on the banking every time, because he sucks so bad.

Predictably this just serves to fire him up more,  "That Guy" dive-bombs  slower cars left and right on his quest for track justice with Cato, his instructor,  occasionally karate chopping the air,

Raphael over at Jalopnik, who has more patience digging though the background of these things than we ever could, says the motivation here was Flat Out's disagreement with a Motor Trend comparison between the Porsche 991 GT3 and the Corvette Z06.

Yeah, "f!@k Motor Trend",  their  driver was clearly not driving flat out!

Amusingly , the GT3 seems to be very happily holding its own under acceleration, which might be the real surprise of this video.  Must have been because in the Porsche "was a professional driver with a race team"  while Flat Out has two half days on track ever which is all that his awesomeness needs.

So, congratulation Mr. Out you win the 2015 Assie Award.  I'm sure your Corvette buddies are real happy you perpetuated THAT stereotype!


  1. Inevitably a victim of childhood bullying....likely by a kid named Schmidt, schultz, or Westerkampf...,LOL!!

    .... Keep em coming great laugh heading into the weekend

  2. Wow. Who is the organizer of that event? What a joke. And are those BMX helmets?

  3. It's so bad I'm almost thinking it's some misguided attempt at performance art :)

  4. Who is the driving...instructor? I had to search for another word that fit and couldn't find.

    Clearly not a pro, and clearly not worth and $$. There are dozens of times when an actual verbal instruction was needed, but instead he's hand-signaling to someone who wouldn't be watching his hands in the very best of circumstances. Complete fail. At least they appear to be running the track in the right direction.

  5. Well, if the driver is (no) Clouseau then obviously, Cato :)

  6. I miss Clouseau and Cato. Every time the inspector would come home he and Cato would have to tear up the whole apartment. It was classic! I've always wondered if whenever Bernie went to go see Balestre, or when Bernie went to go see Max Mosely, the two would get into a fight like Clouseau and Cato.


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