June 6, 2015

Surfing, F1 style...

F1 surf board exposed
Lewis Hamilton surfed a wave of water as he went off into the Turn 10 runoff area in Montreal.

Hamilton was leading the second practice session, about 3/10th from Vettel and Raikkonen when rain came.  Mercedes sent both its drivers out on intermediate tires.  Hamilton could not complete a lap.

When you or I experience aquaplaning, it's because water fills the grooves in our tires with enough pressure to lift the contact patch.

Hamilton's  W06 instead,  was literally riding the wave of water which build up underneath the leading edge of its bottom plank and lifted the whole front end off the ground.

No major damage for Hamilton but one wonders, on a circuit everyone knows floods quickly, why did Mercedes engineers send him out with such a low setup?

Checking computers rather than looking out the window again?

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