May 11, 2015

This flying Escort made at least one photographer run for his life!

No, it's not an outtake from Furious 6, it's the real thing and it made photographers shooting this jump at the Tour of Sperrins rally in Northern Ireland check their underwear...

At the controls, Captain Frank Kelly who recommends you keep your seat belts fastened at all times and your tray tables folded.



  1. Funny how the Sky team was really quiet about how difficult it was for Lewis to stay within DRS range of Seb early in the race. But when Niko was having trouble with tire degradation this year, the boys seemed to question Niko's ability.
    I can't wait for Niko to win a third straight Monaco pole and victory.

  2. Cue Dukes of Hazard music....

  3. How true all they could talk about is how Lewis LOST the race rather than how Nico won it

  4. It's was really boring, it was good to have Nico winning this must put some pressure into HAM.
    There is a interesting video from Peter Windsor trying to setup the atmosphere that Mercedes maybe pushing for a "german" pilot to win... That comment on people cheering Seb overtaking HAM and "everyone" on the box was happy.

    The real disappointment to me was Ferrari.. don't know if it was the pace or what it was but as you put it is right, In this race they looked like the old Ferrari again.
    McLaren, man Button saying it was the scariest 30 laps ever.

    In the end, yeah boring race But Good to see this really awkward champagne face!

  5. I can't believe a car can still be straight after that


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