April 29, 2015

Citroens attack the 'Ring

Photo: BridgeToGantry

WTCC was testing at the Nurburgring this week ahead of their first race there since 1983. The event will be a support race to this year'24 H Rennen in mid May.

Jose Maria Lopez ( you might remember "Pechito" from when he was screwed signed by USF1) was fastest with an 8:38.027 lap.   By comparison the fastest race lap by the winning BMW Z4 GT3 in 2014 was 8:32 so,  not bad for a 2 liter 1.6 liter car with skinny tires!

Results via Motorsport.com
Leading testing times:
1Jose Maria LopezCitroen8m38.027
2Sebastien LoebCitroen2.489
3Ma Qing HuaCitroen3.462
4Gabriele TarquiniHonda4.762
5Yvan MullerCitroen5.616
6Hugo ValenteChevrolet6.557
7Tom ChiltonChevrolet8.657
8Tiago MonteiroHonda9.859
9James ThompsonLada11.404
10John FilippiChevrolet14.485


  1. Not bad to be 2.48 sec ahead of Seb! and not to mention 5.6 of Yvan the title contender.

  2. Impressive times.

    I've never seen the instrument display blurred out before...

  3. We don't want to see those Citroens, we want to see these: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ziyzsN8-6C4

  4. Please someone correct me.
    Civic type-R turbo STOCK is running Nurbugring in 7.5X.XX time and these racing machines in 8.30 ?
    What is wrong with my perception ?

  5. You're missing the GP part of the track which is used for VLN

  6. If this lapt time is BTG+GP track that the time is understandable !
    They should do more work owith their PR to clarify info they publish

  7. not BTG, nobody publishes BTG times other than pub racers, it's about half of the GP track plus the complete Nordschleife (minus a little piece of the straight before Hatzenbach,I think it's called)


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