October 21, 2014

Yes, LaFerrari is really. really fast

Fabio Mancini/Flickr

From crappy to proper driving:  let's revisit with our favorite LaFerrari driver at Monza.

Fabio Mancini/Flickr
Monza runs a version of the Nürburgring tourist days, a casual track day where you just show up, pay and go.  Before anyone gets all bent out of shape, this is what you are watching, helmets are not required because only street cars are allowed.

Now, that first lap in the video, straight out of pit lane, casually driven  while dodging assorted econoboxes and having to essentially park in a number of places, is still as sub 2 minute lap.

That is incredibly fast.  A Ferrari Challenge EVO on slicks driven by one of the fastest Challenge drivers on the planet will do 1:50 in qualifying.  The LaFerrari, on street legal tires, driven casually in shirtsleeves chatting with a friend in the right seat and going slow in the parts of the lap is less than ten seconds slower?  

That's just sick, Track Day World Championship winner for sure.


  1. Staggering. That said, I remember Goodwin saying the P1 would be quicker than a GT3 spec 12C with the same tires.

    Either way I'd still have the 918.

  2. It really take off out of the turns.

    It will be nice to see it in track with more demanding turns, like Spa, silverstone or suzuka.

  3. Says the dude who's never driven any of them...

  4. Sorta looks like Fernando behind the wheel ! Regardless just a bit better driver than the knobs previously showcased ... Big balls too drifting a million bucks or more between Golfs and 500's ... Great clips ... Thanks for sharing

    Almost looks like Speed Racers car in my childhood cartoon show


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