September 1, 2014

Stefano Domenicali on Michael Schumacher

Michael Schumacher at Mirabeau 2001. Photo Andrea Cairone/Axis of Oversteer

"...He was formidable because his contributions did not end with his exceptional talent behind the wheel.  He had the capacity to never broadcast his dissatisfaction  when things did not work on track. In private, within the team, he knew how to be very stern, even ruthless.  But outside, to the public he was always first to defend the team."

Stefano Domenicali (via Profondo Rosso)


  1. How true! He is so unVettel. In 2004, in 12 races he had 11 wins. In 2005, Ferrari's Bridgestone tyres were no match for the Michelins. Ferrari only won one race by forfeit. But that whole year, you never heard a bad word in public about the team, their suppliers or their sponsors. He was the ultimate driver.

    Speaking of ultimate drivers, who says you can't pass on the outside at les Combes?

  2. but but... you can't pass there, it was crazy for Nico to try! :)

  3. Yep by 95 most of the drivers had learned to stay clear of MS, or be chopped good as Damon found out ! Racins Rubbin!!

    Oz 1994

    Portugal 97

    No question the Schumacher , brawn, Byrne triumvirate were a force to be recon'd with.... And even in 97 MS made it close

  4. meanwhile...


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