August 30, 2014

2014 Belgian GP Executive Summary: Dramarama Edition.

Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images/Infiniti RedBull F1

So a few days have passed since the Belgian GP and basically it's been all about that second lap racing incident between Rosberg and Hamilton.

What drama!...

Incredibly, instead of just chalking it up to "racing happens"  Mercedes, first commissioned a public opinion poll on Facebook, then turned to the PR department to script a contrite apology from Rosberg and Hamilton.

Seriously?   Everything that's wrong with modern F1 right there.

To add to the comedy, the team said it had "disciplined" Rosberg.  How do you discipline the guy who's leading the championship?   Will Mercedes force him to sleep on a couch?  Will they take away his hair gel?

Hopefully neither Hamilton nor Rosberg were sincere and racing will resume, but man, it's hard to cheer for any of them, Lewis, Nico or Mercedes.


There is someone to really get behind in the final part of the season however...  and he's smiling!

It's not very likely but not impossible either and, if Ricciardo and Red Bull were to pull it off,  it would make the 2014 season the opposite of blah.

Photo by Dan Istitene/Getty Images/Infiniti RedBull Racing F1


  1. I like Ricciardo. He just seems like a kid in a candy store every time.

    I remember the comments about the press photos with him and Vettel next to eachother. Big smile on his face and everybody was like, "Guess he hasn't yet realized he's the #2 driver."

    He's done rather well so far!

  2. Ha, you wouldn't be able to tell he's the number two driver from watching this season! Go Ricky!

  3. Agreed! Andrew you've figured it out! Alonso is the most coddled and protected driver on the grid...and has been for years. I swear, under his helmet the guy sucks on a fake nipple throughout an entire race weekend. I can't tell if they are protective of him, or the fact that he drives for Ferrari, but regardless its a very astute observation my friend!

    Im a little concerned for the drivers safety at Spa. There's quite a few areas where driver safety could be improved immensely. The question needs to be asked, "Do we want to save a tree, or do we want to save a human life? We can always plant another tree, we've been doing it for quite some time now, but we don't want to lose any racers!"

  4. What's the point of penalizing Magnussen, if the team still has points because of his actions? Can race control show a black flag as soon as they watch something, or they need Adrian Fernandez giving them hints?

  5. Alonso's move on Vettel only hurt himself. He dropped way behind that group after the contact. If he had taken out Vettel and gained a position in the process, you would have heard about it. Not to mention that Ros/Ham power struggle was all the rage before Spa. This incident only added fuel the fire.

    For someone who is constantly touted in the media as being calculating and methodical, Rosberg's attempted move on Hamilton looked rather careless and impulsive. Mercedes should sit Nico for a race and use their spare driver so not to penalize the rest of the team's hunt for the constructor's championship.

    The kart race with 2 laps to go was awesome. F1 could do with more of that.

  6. Freddy seems to be held in high regard on pit lane...

  7. Probably because it happened on the very last lap and it did not cause any damage to Vettel... Lucky for both. If anything it makes one realize how silly the whole "Rosberg punctured his wheel intentionally " thought is. such a crap shoot, a few mm and Ham would have been fine.

  8. Yes, but with the Adrian Fernandez reference I was trying to be sarcastic. Always failing while trying to communicate.

  9. Not even comparable scenarios , that's why.... Alonso's door is closed by Vettel with a wall to his right no room to avoid only option was is to rear not sidewall luckily, but clear efforts to avoid contact we're made .....

    Rosberg had room to avoid contact, could have ran the curb or driven through like Vettel on lap one , and for some reason chose to steer into Hamilton instead of away , and don't give me the oversteer crap...

    You don't turn hard right to correct oversteer

  10. Still I can't believe all this stupidity on discipline Rosberg.

    If Mercedes does not not to have incident between drivers then they have to have clear team orders.. IF not.. then let them race and the FIA decide.

    That is how it should be.

  11. "You don't turn hard right to correct oversteer"

    Huh? In an oversteer, you turn the wheel in both directions. In case you have never driven hard enough to incur oversteer, here's a tutorial:

  12. Bottas flew past that merc at 337km/h those williams are going to fly in monza!

  13. Love the nod in the title, glad the Twitt's had their attention and it's now old news (till this weekend, and Lee D. spurts all over it), and happy to see it did not detract from the other's keeping their heads down and getting on with what matters. Great drives from the inferior karts in the field.
    Definitely hope the B.S. double points scheme works against them in the end.
    GO Ricky-ardo , strong jaw and all!
    (also, top 5 Kimi... please)

  14. Forgot to mention, not F1 related but, Bjorn Waldegard passed away on Friday- Much respect to a real driver from another era, a different world really, but I expect Axis will soon have a fitting tribute in store for us. R.I.P.


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