September 13, 2014

Formula E first race has its first huge crash.

The first ever fully "e" Grand Prix was won in dramatic fashion by Lucas Di Grassi in the Audi Sport Abt car after a last lap bonehead maneuver by then leader Nicholas Prost who blatantly turned in on a surging Nick Heidfeld.  The resulting collision sent the German tumbling and crashing into one of the Beijing city course's walls.

Kudos to FIA and Dallara for enforcing the highest of safety standards because "Quick Nick" was not injured in what was a very scary crash.   I wish the same could be said about the course which has unacceptable bumps and launch ramp curbs.

Judging from the slowness of the FIA Formula E web site, interest across the globe must be high despite widespread skepticism in electric car racing.


  1. The French are idiots:P

  2. This is why I hope Pastor never has kids...

  3. Prost could say that he didn't see him, since his nose blocked his vision.

    My observations:
    1. At least put playing cards in the spokes of the rims so they sound like real cars.
    2. Using a track-hoe with a top speed of 5 mph to remove cars is too slow.
    3. Prost needs a Prost Bubble in his helmet for nose/vision clearance.
    4. Swapping cars with a minimum time rule is retarded.
    5. Indy style cars look gay, These are nothing more than super-sized electric karts.
    6. TV needs to broadcast using tilt shift and F1 sounds from the 70's.
    7. If you run after another driver that almost killed you and you don't hit him, leave the sport.

  4. Wow, that looked intentional. Looks like he was turning in, but waaaaay to early.


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