September 13, 2014

2014 Goodwood Revival: Day 3 Live Stream

Final day at the greatest historic racing event on the planet the Goodwood Revival.   See it all live or wait for the the replay after the event has ended.



0915 Maserati 250F demonstration
No fewer than 16 of the 29 Maserati 250Fs built are at Revival to celebrate the car’s 60th anniversary. The very first and very last built will part of this spectacular display, along with some other historically significant examples such as that raced by Juan Manuel Fangio at the Nurburgring. If you enjoy this, don’t miss them racing in the Richmond Trophy at 1050.
1000 Fordwater Trophy
The Fordwater Trophy is for production-based sports and GT cars from 1960 to 1966. Watch specialist British cars from the likes of Elva, Tornado and Rochdale take on the likes of Porsche, Ferrari and Sunbeam.
1050 Richmond Trophy
There are 11 Maserati 250Fs on the entry list for the Richmond Trophy, including a very rare V12, making this unmissable viewing. And that’s before you factor in the rest of the field packed with GP cars from 1954 to 1960. That includes three Scarab-Offenhausers which have never before been on a grid together.
1130 Settrington Cup – Race 2
A slower pace, but no less rivalry, in the Settrington Cup. The four to 10-year olds in Austin J40 pedal cars always generate a close finish – and the 2014 fixtures promise to be no different.
1150 Barry Sheene Memorial Cup – Race 2
Race two for the two-rider Barry Sheene Memorial will pick from where race one left off. See the likes of Troy Corser, Steve Plater, Michael Rutter and Steve Parrish wrestle Nortons, JABSs, BMWs and others around the historic circuit.
1240 St Mary’s Trophy – Race 2
The concluding St Mary’s Trophy race, the two-driver fixture for saloon cars between 1960 and 1969. Always a crowd favourite, expect plenty of close action.
1400 Royal Automobile Club TT Celebration
As with Saturday’s TT, today’s race for 1960 to 1964 GT cars will feature lots of well-known names. Alain de Cadenet will be in a Ferrari 250 GTO/64, with other Ferrari competition coming from Derek Bell and Anthony Reid, both in 250 GT SWB/Cs. Jaguar E-types are well represented, too, with Chris Harris, Rob Huff and Emanuele Pirro all in E-types.
1520 Jackie Stewart Tribute demonstration
Sir Jackie Stewart was first talent-spotted at Goodwood back in 1964 and, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of that career break, there will be a daily parade. Cars include the very 1964 Cooper-BMC that he was driving when Goodwood circuit manager Robin Mackay saw him driving will feature, as will the Marcos Xylon GT in which Jackie took his first race win. His three F1 championship wins will be represented by a 1969 Matra-Cosworth MS80 and a Tyrrell-Cosworth 006. In all, there are 27 cars on the entry list – each with a JYS story to tell.
Item 9 Title
1600 Glover Trophy
Lightweight high-revving 1.5-litre F1 and Tasman cars from 1961 to 1965 populate the Glover Trophy grid. Cars to look out for include the Brabham-Climax BT3 – Brabham’s first grand prix car – and the Lotus-Climax 25 in which Jim Clark won the world championship in 1963. That’s entered by Clive Chapman’s Classic Team Lotus operation.
1640 Jaguar D-type demonstration
Did you miss the Lavant Cup, the Jaguar D-type single-make race earlier? Now’s your chance to see 27 D-types, plus five XKSSs, parade around the circuit at a more gentle pace. The Lavant Cup runs again tomorrow at 1640 where you can see them compete in anger again.
1720 Freddie March Memorial Trophy
A second chance to see the Freddie March Memorial Trophy action, the first race having been on Friday. As well as the popular Jaguars, Aston Martins and Frazer Nashes, look out for the HWM-Jaguar, Lagonda V12 Le Mans, Gordini Type 23S and the Cunningham C4R


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