July 1, 2014

Kimi, the legend

Fresh on the heels of Bernie Ecclestone kvetching about contracts teams force drivers to sign "limiting their ability to be characters" while at the same time bitching about the contract he signed with Monza limiting his ability to make more money.  Kimi Raikkonen was at the Goodwood Festival of Speed where he drove his 07  Ferrari up the hill along with John Surtees in his 158 from 1964.  

How excited was Kimi about the historical moment linking two Ferrari World Champions is that glorious automotive showcase on Lord March's fabulous estate?..


  1. With all due respect guys, the chap in the other Ferrari is the legend.

  2. AGREED!!! Surtees is THE MAN. Surtees put his nuts on the line for a GP win back in the day. This is why in this video Kimi follows Surtees. Kimi took a back seat to The Man..and rightfully so. Of course we can't see the full interview, but it looks like the interviewer should have done more to interview Surtees. With Surtees you get pearls of wisdom, with Kimi you get pearls of bulls shit!!!!


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