July 3, 2014

Because history matters: The first ever Formula One Grand Prix

This week end the Formula One circus will be at Silverstone where the very first Formula One race was held in 1950..  

There has been a British GP every season since, just like there has been an Italian GP every season since.  Now Bernie Ecclestone is pulling his usual stunt, threatening to erase Italy from the calendar because the current contract is not earning enough for F1's investors.   The impression is F1 has become closer to an elaborate pyramid scheme than a sport and the only thing that seems to matter is feeding it more money.

F1, wawaweewa!
History cannot be adequately monetized, bring on the Borat GP.

Alienating long time fans or refusing to embrace new ones via social media because money cannot be charged, none of it seems to matter to people who will to go away and let a new generation take over.

"Apres moi le déluge"  seems to be Bernie the XV's motto.

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