June 21, 2014

Will Red Bull build their own Infiniti branded engine after 2015?


Reading too much into Helmut Marko's comments to Auto Motor und Sport  or not?

Consider that Red Bull is already heavily involved in building the current car's batteries and their own engineers are writing software for the Renault power unit.  In fact it is  likely Red Bull has resources in that field beyond what is available to Renault Sport at the moment.   The turbo  in the current engine is said to be sourced from Pankl APC, an Austrian engine component manufacturer (think Carillo).  

If the engine is branded as Infiniti, it would not completely break connection with the Renault group but even hinting at this means Red Bull has lost confidence in the ability of the Renault Sport technical staff at Viry-Chatillon, under press Red Bull's top brass has hinted at since the start of the year.

And to think it all started with a odd tasting soft drink, amazing.

On the subject of resources, in their latest issue Autosprint had an interesting analysis of the number of personnel each team has available,  Ferrari has 750.  Red Bull has 600 along with approximately 350 at Renault Sport, 100 at Mecachrome and another 150 machinists.  Mercedes has 550 for the team and 650 working on the engine.

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