June 20, 2014

Standing re-starts: Has F1 finally lost it completely?

because safety car 

It sounds like an article from The Onion except it isn't:  It's been proposed that, rather than a rolling re-start after a safety car period, cars will come to a stop for a new standing start.

Aside that standing starts are the most dangerous moment of the race, the whole point of originally introducing a safety car to F1 was to stop races from being interrupted.  So the idea is to introduce the one thing that is most likely to result in...another interruption?

Why stop there F1?  You want fake noisemakers and technically redundant spark plates,  don't be shy,  how about some oil slick buttons and random powerups?

What is happening to this sport?


  1. I'll give F1 a free tip, no need for a technical summit: worried about the lead car controlling the re-start? Use a green flag! You're welcome.

  2. Has 'mad dog' Bernie Eccelstone finally lost his marbles! As AxisAC has said, use a green flag if needed. Let the drivers drive the bl**dy cars, they're suppose to be the best in the world, let them prove it by racing rather than pissing about!

  3. I’ve had an idea regarding closing the gap from top teams to back-markers (and possibly generating income for smaller teams) that is flawed, naturally, but a thought starter.

    How about teams get as many pre/in-season test days as their previous years championship positions add up to?

    If you finish (as Merc likely will) 1st and 2nd, you get given three ‘car’ test days (ie 1 car for three days or 2 cars one day and 1 car another day)…. but if you finish 10th and 15th you get 25 days total.

    Sure it’s a slightly artificial tool to close the grid gap, and it’ll would cost the small teams more to test, BUT, maybe they could sell their allocated days to bigger teams with budget for a mandated fee, to test more.

    Lets face it team agreement, commercial interests, the FIA and Bernie would all be issues, but there’s my thought.


  4. With each passing week I care less and less about F1 and more and more about WEC. How long until Bernie's sentence starts, I wonder?

  5. not sure if it will work on short f1 tracks but i liked the idea of slow zones in lemans this year, but in f1 they are really screwing up the sport with rubbish ideas like double points, standing restarts, no fp1 ridiculous.


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