June 12, 2014

Throwback Thursday: BMW Eargasm

Dan Morgan/Flickr

While we reflect on sounds produced by the new "green" race cars whooshing around La Sarthe this week end, lets bask in the glorious sounds of a now 20 year old race car.

Justin Bell got to drive the Big Mac from  BMW North America's fabulous historical collection around Mid Ohio.  GoPro was along to record every possible angle and capture that amazing engine wail.

Chassis 17R, Ex Team Bigazzi was driven to eight place overall in the 1996 24 Hour of Le Mans by Nelson Piquet, Johnny Ceccotto and Danny Sullivan.

Turn it up!

Fresh off the presses:  BMW has announced GoPro integration for their cars via iDrive apps.  Check out the press release and info on the Axis Facebook page

If you'd like a more raw experience, less cameras, more sound, let me suggest this clip

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