June 11, 2014

Canadian GP Executive Summary

It was set to be another boring race, with just the battle of the unicyclists to hold our interest and then....

Please excuse the delay on this, I was unavoidably detained in Montreal,  a long story, with a happy ending thankfully (...oh, stop it!) .

In any case, all's been said by now so just some quick thoughts:

Lewis may be back to the beginning but he's better off than he was after Australia.

Rosberg did a masterful job nursing the car to the end.  Epic drive.

Hamilton cooked the brakes, Rosberg did not, would love to know how that was.

It was correct not to penalize Rosberg for the first chicane cut:  Lewis was not close enough to pass there or in the second DRS zone that lap.

Is anyone not super happy Ricciardo won?  I think even Vettel was happy.

That said, Mercs had a 25 second advantage before their engines started acting up.

and that also said, I'm not sure they really lost 160hp and most of their brakes and were still able to lap with the pack...

We were at the race in the stands opposite the braking zone for turn 2.   TV pictures do not do justice to Ricciardo's pass on Perez:  There was not one person on those stands who though it would end well.  It was amazing.

TV pictures also do not do justice to the violence of the the impacts of Massa and Perez's cars.   The fact that the engines are quiet made the crash even more dramatic as you could hear every screech, scrape and thud.

The stewards were NOT correct in assigning the blame completely to Perez.  Every pass made in turn two was done on the outside, not the inside.  Massa, Alonso, Ricciardo they all passed on the outside.    Perez did brake visibly early but Massa was maybe a bit too eager to make that low percentage move and misjudged it.  Racing incident.
Shame for Perez who put in a spectacular drive on a one stopper. Shame for Massa who never gets a break, ever!

Someone has to figure out why Ferrari is so inconsistent,  in the final portion of the race both Alonso and Raikkonen were putting in the same lap times as the leaders but what's the point if you are so far back by then?

Jenson Button is the master of Montreal opportunist!

The sound you ask?  Yeah, they sound like interstellar lawn mowers.   It is what it is, the problems with these F1s is not the sound,  the problem is that they are non linear and that they can only be pushed for a lap or two,   Honestly the sound is the last thing wrong with them, it's actually OK not to have your ears bleed,  what's not OK is to be bored.

Lucky for us in Canada, Mercedes' issues were our gain.

Enjoy the Executive summary!

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