June 13, 2014

Pure Sound: Le Mans qualifying highlights

It will be Toyotas and Porsches splitting the front two rows of the grid for the 2014 24 Hours of LeMans.

Audi had one of those days with their #1 car crashing again after a complete tub up rebuild the night before.   As CG said, this can either be disaster or the best premise ever for the third installment of "The Truth in 24".

In GT, Ferrari kicked butt taking the pole in both Pro and Am classes, a bit of consolation for the F1 disappointments.  

When unhappy with the F1 state of affairs, Maranello often makes noises about racing elsewhere, absolute observers will realize Alonso will not be waving the green flag at le Sarthe just to be friendly...



  1. Wow GoPro, you need to do better research. First off it must be nice for BMW to change the name of the M3 Coupé only to have it still called an M3 in promotional videos for BMW...and second, who put the years and models together for the captioning??? Each one is wrong! The years all make sense all you really had to do was put the model numbers in numerical order of you weren't paying attention. Seriously, nobody making this video thought the E92 came after the E46?

  2. I was in Grand Stand 12...not far from where you were AC. My opinion, the best turn in the house. It was nice being able to have a conversation about the race as it was happening (no earaches afterwards). Ricciard's pass was stellar. I can recall a little dirt getting kicked up and somehow he didn't go nose first into Perez. Great race as 5 cars could have potentially taken 1st at one point.


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