June 3, 2014

Let the Doctor explain 350 km/h on a bike for you.

Photo: Movistar Yamaha MotoGP
Top drivers and riders when they are interviewed tend to spout boring, predictable PR speech so it's a special treat to hear Valentino Rossi explain the sensations and technique of approaching Mugello's  San Donato corner at 220 mph, on two wheels.

In qualifying, Andrea Iannone on a privateer Ducati marked the highest ever officially recorded speed in MotoGP history  349.6 km/h , 217.2 mph on that straight.  That was at the speed trap, in reality Brembo measured riders hitting 361km/h, 224mph at the braking point there.  Think about that for a moment,  think about the size of the front tire contact patch...

Wouldn't it be great is F1 drivers occasionally shared their craft rather than just thank the team and sponsors if they are winning or complain about how they need more aero updates if they are not?

Bravo Valentino and well done BTSport!


  1. The race in Mugello was a real treat to watch. Even though he wasn't part of the last lap sparring session, it was nice to see Valentino on the podium for his 300th race. If only there was as much passing in F1! Maybe I need to stop going to Montreal every year and head down to Monterey instead.

  2. Great post. Axis should post MOTOGP bits. Rossi has one of the best personalities in all of motorsport.

  3. Is it possible to hate this guy? Love watching him ride and so glad he's feeling more comfortable this year.

  4. Absolutely! (about the second part)

  5. I like it when he says "it's very comfortable" when speaking abou the bike at 350 km/h. Really funny!


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